Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC) is required for enhancing the relationship between the Institution and Industry. The purpose of this cell is to identify the trends and expectations and prepare students for meeting the latest requirements by facilitating internships in leading firms, Organize Seminars, Workshops, Expert Talks and other Training programmers by experts.


IIPC at Govt. Polytechnic College, Mananthavady will create an effective contribution to our vision and effectively avoid criticisms of the shortcomings. IIPC effectively equips our faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing trends and designs.



  1. ·         The broad objective of the IIPC is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic limitations by direct involvement of industry.

  2. ·         Training the students through continuing education programme.

  3. ·         Organizing seminars, symposium, exhibitions and workshops.

IIPC Activities

  1. ·         Arranging industrial training for students and faculty members.

  2. ·         Identifying the opportunities of internships for practical training to our students.

  3. ·         Tie-ups or MoU’ s with Industries.

  4. ·         Promoting consultancy activities.

  5. ·         Industrial Visits

  6. ·         Organize lectures, interactive workshops, conferences, seminars; brain storming sessions, technical discussions, consultancy Sessions, training, orientation courses, meetings, visits etc, involving members of the Industry, outside experts, eminent personalities, faculty and students.

  7. ·         Take up projects from Industry and other funding agencies as consultancy activity.

  8. ·         Provide technical consultancy services.

  9. ·         Invite industry experts to deliver lectures in symposia, seminars and conferences organizing exhibitions / model contests / competitions to show case the efforts taken up by the students

  10. ·         Encourage entrepreneurial activities among the students.

  11. ·         Professional consultancy by the faculty to industries.

  12. ·         Practical training of students in industries

The IIPC comprises of the following members:






Sri. Suresh Babu N, H o D Civil Engg - ph : 8921847232



Ms. Athira P K, Lecturer in Computer Engineering - mob : 9526805104



Sri. Vijayanand T P, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering  Ph : 9539072559



Sri. Febin Mathew, Lecturer in Civil Engineering - mob : 9495674525



Smt. Moosa Palakkal , Demonstrator in Civil Engineering, mob : 9446373717








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