Fees Details

  Fee Component Amount Remittance
  Admission Fee Rs. 200 At the time of Admission 
  Tuition Fee Rs.750 per semester Beginning of each semester
  Special  Fee  (split  up)  Library fee -250,    Laboratory    fee-380, health fee-70) (Revenue Portion) Rs.700/Year Beginning of Odd semester
  Special Fee (PD Portion) Rs.600/Year Beginning of Odd semester
  Split up
  Athletic fee-160, Visual education fee-10, Association fee-60, Magazine fee-100, Stationary fee-60, Calendar fee-20,  Youth festival fee-110 , Union fee-80  
  Student Amenities Fee Rs.350/Year Beginning of Odd semester
  Caution Deposit (Refundable) Rs 500 /- At the time of Admission 


·         Fees once remitted will not be refunded under any circumstances.


·         All the students whose family annual income from all sources up to Rs.1,00,000/-will be eligible for appropriate educational concession.


·         All the students selected under the “Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme” will be exempted from the payment of tuition fee. They will have to pay all other fee if they are not eligible for fee concession. If a student is allotted a higher option (not coming under Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) and he/she joins the newly allotted higher option, he/she is not eligible for tuition fee exemption.


·         Candidates who are Diploma holders or who have completed the programme and become eligible for appearing for the final year/semester examination for one diploma programme are not eligible to seek admission for the same Diploma programme again. Such candidates seeking admission to another programme will have to pay the tuition fees @Rs.25000/-per annum. Also such candidates will not be given exemption from appearing any of the courses either in the first semester or in the subsequent semesters.


·         Any student who joined for a Diploma programme in Govt./Govt Aided College and later discontinued his/her studies with or without attending the classes are liable to pay the entire fees up to and including the semester he/she studied for obtaining the Transfer Certificate and all other certificates submitted at the time of admission.



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